Israelis Chant "Ni****S Go Home!" While Waving ISIS-Style Flags

The protesters were waving some really weird Islamic State-style flags.

A group of nationalist Israelis protested against African immigration this week in Tel Aviv, demanding that refugees be deported.

The demonstrators chanted racist slogans such as “Go home N*****s!” and waved black-colored flags – weirdly inspired by the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) – with the Hebrew word “bagatz,” meaning “High Court,” written across them.

The rally occurred following the Israeli High Court’s landmark rulingthat ordered the closure of Holot– a controversial detention facility – within 90 days and instructed authorities to relax controls on the centre’s detainees. 

Justice Fogelman ruled that:

Every person, by virtue of being a person, has a right to human dignity…and infiltrators are people. And if that needs explanation, let’s say it explicitly: infiltrators do not lose one ounce of their right to human dignity just because they reached the country in this way or another.”

However, his verdict didn’t sit well with certain groupswho have opposed undocumented immigrants’ arrival in Israel.

In 2012, the predominately black neighborhood of Hatikva was ransacked by groups of nationalist protesters who had attended a demonstration on Wednesday night against illegal African migrants.

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Africa isis

African immigration, illegal especially, is one of the most pressing and brushed-under-the-rug issues surrounding Israel.

Earlier this year in July, about 1,000 immigrants, who Israel said entered illegally, began a hunger strike, accusing authorities of unlimited detention and violence.

Hundreds of African women and children marched across the Israeli city of Tel Aviv on Wednesday to demonstrate outside the offices of the United Nations and the embassy of the United States.

Last year, Israel reportedly launched a crackdown on what it said were 60,000 illegal African immigrants who – according to the government pose a threat to the state's "Jewish character".

Around 3,920 were deported by the end of the year.

The asylum-seekers began arriving in 2006 and according to the United Nations there are around 53,000 of them living in Israel currently, most of whom entered via the desert border with Egypt.

Of them, some 36,000 come from Eritrea where the regime has been repeatedly accused of widespread human rights abuses. Another 14,000 are from conflict-torn Sudan.

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Also, have a look at the documentary, "Israel's new racism: the persecution of African migrants in the Holy Land" in the video below.

The short-film which was produced by Israeli journalist David Sheen and American author and journalist Max Blumenthal, was rejected by The New York Times last October, inexplicably, despite having originally commissioned it, according to the film's producers.

In addition to footage from the anti-African rallies of 2012, the documentary also includes exclusive interviews with Israel's former member of the Knesset Michael Ben-Ari.

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