Meet The Israelis Who Volunteer To Drive Palestinian Children To The Hospital

Watch how Sharit Ramati, a volunteer, drives Palestinian patients from checkpoints in the West Bank to hospitals in Israel.

While there are not many pleasant stories about the Israel-Palestinian conflict out there, the ones that are rarely make it to the front page of newspapers.

One such story is of the volunteers working for “Road to Recovery” – a non-profit organization that “focuses on providing sick Palestinians with transportation from the occupied territories to Israeli hospitals.”

“Often times advanced medical care isn’t available in Palestine,” reports +927 Mag. “And while the PA (Palestinian Authority) pays for many Palestinians to be treated in Israel, one crucial hurdle stands in the way of actually receiving treatment: getting from the checkpoint to the hospital.”

An independent nonprofit media organization, Social TV, tagged along with some volunteers and filmed how they perform the crucial task of passing through checkpoints to get patients into Israel.

“We have no intention of involving in politics,” says Sharit Ramati – one of 600 workers in the Road to Recovery. “Ours is not a political organization.”

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Road to Recovery has been working actively since 2006, however, their unique services – much like several other humanitarian efforts by Israel – gets either overshadowed by news of conflict or criticized as a way to cover up its human rights abuses in the Gaza Strip and occupied areas in the West Bank.

Just this week it was reported that Israel’s generous donation to earthquake-hit Nepal was allegedly a ruse for baby trafficking.

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