Israel Wants To Force Feed Palestinian Prisoners

Amna Shoaib
Israeli government is determined to take away whatever dignity Palestinian prisoners want to salvage- all while making half-hearted attempts to battle the monster at home.

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The Israeli government continues to make its stance on humanitarian issues very, very clear.

Not only does the a majority of the Knesset members support torture but now Prime Minister Netanyahu has also pushed for a resolution to legalize the method of force-feeding prisoners.

Israel Treats Palestinian Prisoner on Hunger Strike After Health Deteriorates

This resolution, if approved, will bring Israel into direct conflict with the UN and World Medical Association, who have denounced force-feeding as demeaning and cruel. Already, Israel is having a tough times finding medics to administer this punishment.

Like so many times before, Israel's wrath is not focused on the new crop of Jewish terrorists or its own citizens but the scores of Palestinians in its prisons, 400 of whom have been captives for up to 12 years without a trial.

180 of these prisoners, according to estimates, have gone on hunger strikes to protest Israel's selective justice. The new punishment will be used against this non-violent protest.

Palestinian women, Israel is debating whether or not to force feed prisonsers

Whilst Israel seems adamant to stamp out any hint of Palestinian resistance, it has been criminally ignorant of the fresh wave of Jewish terrorism engulfing the nation.

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Weeks before, a Jewish extremist stabbed a teenage girl at a Pride Rally in Israel. Just days later, the man who burned a Palestinian baby and his father to death was sentenced to six months in prison.

Most of these acts of extremism have happened on a relatively small scale, but offer glimpses into the mentality many Israelis have embraced. A 20-year-old Israeli mother, Aviya Morris, openly campaigns for the annihilation of Muslims. She was caught shouting profanities inside Al-Aqsa mosque, after which she warned to stay away from the Old City for a week, 'for her own safety'. At this stage, such resolutions will only encourage this Jewish extremism.

And for the millionth time in an incredibly short span of time, Israel's resolve to mend relations between the settlers and Palestinians has been brought to question.