Talk About Circus Freak: Italian Circus Caught Using Fake Pandas

Pandas are rare, beautiful and majestic. These fake pandas are ... not.

circus panda dogs

People who visited the Orfei Circus in Bescia, Italy, were fooled into thinking that they were experiencing the adorable company of baby pandas, when really they were met with dogs disguised as pandas.

Yes, that’s right. Chow chow dogs were painted black and white to resemble one of the most adorable creatures known to man.

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People eventually noticed something awry. After reports of animal cruelty came to the Animal Protection Party, representatives visited the circus and noticed that the panda cubs were a fraud.

The circus had been charging patrons for taking pictures with these misrepresented furballs. It was reported that their eyes were excessively watery, but other than that, there wasn't anything behind the cruelty charges.

Nonetheless, justice prevails: Charges of misrepresentation are quite clearly on the table. The dogs allegedly had fake passports to make their arrival from Hungary possible. However, the circus is taking the stance that it was obvious the animals were dogs.

But that doesn’t sit well, especially with animal lovers. APP President Fabrizio Catelli said, “We consider it unacceptable that the animals are ridiculed for the pleasure of others, and not least for economic reasons." 

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