Italian Cannibal Kills Landlord Over Game Of Chess

Forensic psychiatrists say Saverio Bellante isn't guilty – despite the fact that the cannibal confessed to his crime.

Warning: This report contains content which some readers may find disturbing.

A deranged Italian man, who thought himself to be Jesus, has admitted killing his landlord and eating his lungs following a row over a game of chess.

Saverio Bellante, who pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing, admitted to stabbing and murdering freelance journalist Thomas O'Gorman at his Dublin home. He also tried to eat the victim’s heart, but mistakenly ate his lungs after the bloodbath that took place in January 2014.

The pair had met through Focolare – a Christian group that aims to build “a united world.”

As the story goes, the 36-year-old got into an argument with his victim after he accused him of moving his king in a “stupid and perverse move.” Bellante then launched into a frenzied attack and hit the 39-year-old man with dumbbells, crushing his skull.

O'Gorman sustained a large wound on his head along with smaller stab wounds all over his body. The post-mortem report also affirmed a hole, measuring about 10 cm, which had been cut into the victim’s chest and left his insides exposed.

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The accused told jurors how he removed O’Gorman’s right lung – which he thought to be the heart – and carried it into the kitchen.

“I thought the way to finish him was to eat his heart because the way to good and evil is the heart...I didn’t cook it,” he explained. “I thought to cook it would be too crazy so I ate it raw.”

The authorities found the organ’s lobe on a plate in the kitchen and found some other bits in the bin.

Bellante himself called the emergency number that fateful night and informed the police that he had killed his Irish landlord. He also called his sister in Italy and made references to “the mafia.”

Apparently, Bellante suffers from a history of mental illness and had stopped taking his prescribed anti-psychotic medication two days before the horrific incident. He was diagnosed with a religious hysterical delirium, which involves delusions that he was possibly Jesus Christ, in the early 2000s.

The accused cannibal believed “that by killing the victim and eating his heart he would end evil,” according to the consulting psychiatrists – from both the prosecution and the defense. They also recommended a verdict of not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

“His delusional mood started over a few days and progressed to frank delusional thinking and the battle between good and evil until he became profoundly paranoid,” explained consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Monk. “He had a belief that killing Mr. O’Gorman and eating his heart would put an end to evil in the world.”

The jury had not yet rendered a verdict when this post was published.

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