Italy Finds The Secret To Surviving Recession: Hookers and The Mafia

It's a big day for hookers, drug dealers and bootleggers in Italy.

drug dealers

Want to recession-proof your economy? Get the Mafia and prostitutes involved. 

Both have been long considered to weather down markets with ease, but supporting evidence at macro level had been missing – until now.

Reports say that Italy has been dragged out of its economic downturn, thanks to its thriving trade of drugs, alcohol and prostitution.

It's possible the motherland of Cosa Nostra was never actually in a recession because the European Union only just started taking economic activity generated by illegal businesses into account. And Italy has plenty of it.

By incorporating the figures that sex workers, drug dealers and bootleggers rake in, the Italian National Statistical Institute observed that the country's gross domestic product received a boost significant enough to negate its overall economic deficit.

Named SEC 2010, the new more open-minded approach to calculating GDP doesn't discriminate against the drugs or prostitution industries – regardless of their legal status in the region. Therefore, it's one of those rare occasions when a major cause of Italy's international shame has come to its rescue.

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