It’s A Topic No Politician Will Touch: Should Couples Be Allowed To Pay Women To Bear Their Children?

Owen Poindexter
There are couples who want to pay women to bear children, and women willing to do so. Things get a lot more complicated from there.

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With gay couples obtaining full legal status in more and more of the United States, surrogate parenting is already a prominent issue. So why isn’t anyone talking about it? Because surrogacy is a deeply thorny issue. Women generally won’t go through the expense, risk and health concerns of bearing a child for free, so that means they will be compensated, which opens up a huge can of worms. How do we prevent women from being taken advantage of? What sort of regulations should be in place?

And what happens when a woman who has agreed to be a surrogate changes her mind and decides she wants to keep the child.

This fascinating report from the New York Times takes us back to a case where that scenario played out, then explores the fascinating and complicated world of child surrogacy.

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