It's Deja Vu As Pilot Lands On Highway 2nd Time In A Week

After two emergency highway landings in 8 days, it's probably time to keep your feet on the ground.

One time feels like a lucky miracle. Twice and we all start asking questions .... 

A New York pilot landed his homemade plane on a highway for the second time in a week after he said mechanical issues forced him from the sky.

Frank Fierro, 75, navigated his plane safely to landing on Sunrise Highway on Long Island both on July 10 and 18. In both cases, Fierro was on the only person aboard and no one on the ground was hurt. 

NBC New York reports "Fierro vowed to fly again, despite the wishes of his wife, who wants him to stop." We're with the wife. The third time may not be the charm for Fierro or people on the ground.

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