It’s Just A Spoon, But It Can Improve Millions Of Lives

One company is making life better for Parkinson's sufferers with a simple innovation to the spoon.

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Parkinson’s disease is a neural disorder that causes difficultly in movement and speech, and can eventually lead to mental difficulties. It primarily affects people over 50, though it can strike much younger people. Parkinson’s is estimated to afflict 7-10 million people worldwide.

While the disease has a range of effects, and can progress over a lifetime, on a day to day level, the most persistent issue is the tremors. Parkinson’s causes people to shake as they move, and what seem like simple tasks, like eating soup, can be made quite difficult.

That’s where the good folks at Lift Labs come in. They built a deceptively simple device to help people with Parkinson’s, and others that suffer from tremors. It’s a mechanical spoon that adjusts for its holder’s shaking. Eating can be effortful and stressful for people with tremors, and this spoon makes meals much easier to enjoy.

Check out Lift Labs to learn more about their project and to donate.

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