Jamaica Appeals For Calm After Surrender Of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke

Jamaicans breathed a cautious sigh of relief today after the capture of Christopher "Dudus" Coke provoked no immediate backlash from his armed followers.Authorities appealed to the alleged drug lord's Shower Posse militia to remain calm and promised that their leader, who was arrested yesterday without a shot being fired, would not be harmed in custody pending possible extradition to the US.However police exacted a non-violent revenge on Coke, whose gang has clashed with security forces, by releasing a photo of him in a women's wig he was said to be wearing when captured.The disguise provoked mockery from a population which had long regarded the elusive fugitive with a mixture of fear, awe and respect. When security forces stormed his Kingston stronghold of Tivoli Gardens in an effort to catch him last month mayhem erupted, leaving 76 dead.One newspaper cartoon portrayed the hefty 42-year-old in drag, another compared him to a pretty girl. Yet another depicted him as a dethroned king s