Jamaica Declares Emergency As Police Clash With Kingston Gangs

A state of emergency has been declared in Kingston, Jamaica as police clashed with armed gangs protecting a drugs lord wanted in the United States. The authorities ordered women and children to leave the Tivoli Gardens neighbourhood in the capital where a policeman and one civilian were wounded by gunfire in street clashes. Three police stations came under attack. Police said that gunmen from various communities across the Caribbean country had joined forces with criminal elements in Tivoli Gardens in a bid to protect reputed gang leader, Christopher "Dudus" Coke."It is now clear that criminal elements are determined to launch coordinated attacks on the security forces," police warned in a statement. With tensions soaring, they added, "all decent and law-abiding residents of Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town are been asked to leave those respective communities immediately".Residents asked to leave were directed to buses which would take them to a safe location.