Dobson Says He's Isn't Political, Then Claims Obama Is An 'Abortion President'

James Dobson uses National Day of Prayer and a slew of mistruths to tear into President Obama's abortion stance.

It looks like James Dobson needs to brush up on both the ninth commandment and what it means to make an overtly political statement.

Dobson, founder of the ultraconservative Focus on the Family, delivered a speech at what was supposed to be an apolitical and nonpartisan National Day of Prayer gathering at the U.S. Capitol May 1.  

But just a breath after claiming, "... I have never made any kind of political statement and I won't do it today," Dobson went on an extended rant against President Obama as the wicked "abortion president." 

Dobson told the crowd that Obama came into office wanting to promote and support abortion. Maybe Dobson is confusing access to safe, legal abortions with "promoting" the procedure. But he outright lied in his speech when he claims everyone with insurance is paying a surcharge to support abortion. That simply isn't true and the Republican-led campaign to convince people of this lie has been shot down by fact check groups.

Rep. Janice Hahn (D-Calif.) found Dobson's remarks so offensive, she walked out of his speech in protest. 

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