Artist Sends Flowers Into Space to Export Earth's Culture Up There

July 21, 2014: Add a wilting flower bouquet to the list of things we've sent into space.

Japanese Artist

We may still be at least two decades away from finding aliens, but that hasn't stopped an artist from sending out beautiful floral arrangements into space.

Japanese artist Azuma Makoto recently teamed up with John Powell, of JP Aerospace, and their 10-man team floated a light metal frame as well as a bouquet of 30 flower species including peace lilies, hydrangeas and orchids into the stratosphere through a balloon.

Japanese Artist

The point of this program named Exobiotanica is actually not to strike up social relations with any alternative life form, but is basically about adding an Earthly touch to the massive space up there.

"The best thing about this project is that space is so foreign to most of us, so seeing a familiar object like a bouquet of flowers flying above Earth domesticates space, and the idea of traveling into it," Powell told TMagzine.

Japanese Artist

Their delivery package into space had 6 Go Pro video cameras and still cameras attached to it, meaning the whole voyage was viewable down here. The landing, meanwhile, was 5 miles off the mark but the trip on the whole was a complete success.

After the successful launch, Makoto told his team: “I always wanted to travel to space. This is a dream come true.”

Japanese Artist

For now, he'd have to do with just sending flowers into space. However, if SpaceX and Virgin Galactic succeed with their plans of starting commercial flights to space, that day isn't far when a common Earthling will be able to see the world beyond our planet.

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