This Restaurant Makes Bald Men Feel Special

May 10, 2014: A Japanese restaurant encourages its customers to embrace male baldness.

Bold and the Beautiful makes sense, but have you ever heard of Bald and the Beautiful? This is the name of the game at a new restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

The restaurant's name is Otasuke and its speciality is that it rewards those men who openly parade their bald heads without feeling any shame. It means that if someone who suffers from male pattern baldness visits this restaurant without sporting a toupee or a hairpiece, he gets special discounts that others with full hair have no access to.

The balder men are in a group, the higher their discount, instilling a sense of pride among the beneficiaries.

"Baldness is a very delicate issue in Japan, but in Hollywood there are a number of stars who completely ignore their hairless state and proudly carry out their work. I thought it would be nice to foster that spirit here" said owner Yoshiko Toyoda.

Baldness is not as big a problem in Asia as it is in the West. However, it is estimated that around 26% of all Japanese make still suffer from this problem. Since it's not that common in that part of the world, it's considered socially awkward to not sport a hairpiece to hide your loss.

While the primary reason behind baldness remains genetics, experts believe occupation stresses are a growing contributing factor. To help alleviate this pain, Toyoda came up with the idea of setting up a joint that made bald male feel special.

The walls of the restaurants are filled with trivia about baldness, while their establishment's tag line is: "Be bald, be proud."

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