Japan’s Cows Are Running Dry

The Japanese are getting jittery. The country’s beloved Christmas sponge cakes, and other goodies, might become a rarity if the country's butter shortage continues.

Dairy may not be a staple of the Japanese (well, Asian) diet, but the Japanese love their butter.

Christmas sponge cakes are a traditional favorite, and in a country where butter came rather late (first introduced in the mid 1800s), butter – yes the real stuff – was considered a bit or bite of luxury.

Since then the Japanese have been hot on butter. Popular buttery consumables include mixing butter with miso, Butter and Soy Sauce Mochi and butter mochi cake.

But thanks to a hot summer and lethargic cows, the country has been hit with a butter shortage. Supermarkets and bakeries are scrambling. The country is importing emergency butter shipments, which will mean butter sticker shock.

Yes, there’s always margarine, but it’s just not the same. Let’s hope the cows get their moo back. 

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