Jay-Z And Beyoncé Bailed Out Baltimore and Ferguson Protesters

Beyoncé and Jay-Z wired thousands of dollars to bail out Ferguson and Baltimore protesters.

Beyonce and Jay-z

Beyoncé and Jay-Z get a lot of criticism for not being politically active enough, getting called out in July 2013 by musician and activist Harry Belafonte saying Bruce Springsteen has done more for the black community then they have. Yet the power couple might actually be more politically engaged than previously conceived – just preferring to keep their activism on the down low.

Writer and activist dream hampton released a series of tweets over the weekend hinting Queen B and her king have been donating “tens of thousands” of dollars bailing out protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson. Seems someone noticed the rant and probably asked dream hampton to erase the tweets in order to keep things hush about the A-listers’ social efforts. Fortunately, Complex magazine made screenshots of the tweets.

dream hampton tweet

Jay Z and Beyoncé quietly bailed out Baltimore protesters

dream hampton tweets Beyonce and JayZ quietly support #BlackLivesMatter

Jay-Z and Beyonce News

Dream Hampton

Beyoncé and Jay Z wired bail money to Baltimore

Jay Z and Beyoncé quietly bailed out Ferguson protesters

Jay Z and Beyoncé sent bail to Baltimore and Ferguson says Dream Hampton

In addition to these tweets, Jay-Z has reportedly paid the school tuition for the children of 2006 police brutality victim Sean Bell and Beyoncé has donated $7 million dollars to help building housing for Houston’s homeless. The tweets and the pair’s quiet efforts negate accusations the Jay-z and Beyoncé are not socially active enough, and the best part is the stars’ are not looking for any recognition — just trying to do the right thing. 

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