Woman Survives After Getting Hit In The Head With A Plane Propeller

Sameera Ehteram
Emergency landing, plane crash, passenger hit in the head with a flying propeller – this story has it all.

Christina Kurylo is one lucky woman. Who else can survive a plane propeller crash through the plane wall and straight in to her head?

Well, she did.

Here is what the plane on her side looks like:

Lucky or not? You decide.

The incident happened when a Jazz Aviation commuter flight had to make an emergency landing as a tire blew during take-off and the propeller sliced through fuselage and into Kurylo’s head.

 She was rushed to the hospital and is fortunately on the mend.

“All of a sudden, something came crashing through my window and I got hit in the head,” Kurylo told a news reporter.

The rest of the passengers made it unharmed. Four had to be taken to the hospital but were in stable condition; one even recorded the panic in the cabin.

Here is a video showing it all:

Paramedics treated 67 passengers and four crew members, but fortunately it was more shock than physical injuries plaguing the victims.

“The Q-400, both the original and the next generation aircraft, are extremely robust," David Deveau, vice president of Jazz Aviation told a news channel. “So we have no concerns about the gear,” he added.

However in 2007, about 60 planes of the same model were grounded following several similar incidents.