Jeb Bush Goes Hard Right On Immigration & Hints About 2016

Jeb Bush has long been thought of as someone with unique ideas among Republicans on immigration. Now, in a new book, he goes hard to the right, saying he opposes any path to citizenship.

Jeb Bush wrote about how Romney's immigration policy hurt his presidential chances, and then outlined his own immigration policy that could hurt his own chances.

Jeb Bush (remember him?) is out with a new book that has people wondering if he's planning a 2016 run for President, and just what is in the water in Florida. Long thought of as being to the left of his fellow Republicans on immigration issues, Jeb Bush has now tacked to the right when the rest of his party is starting to take on Bush's former positions. Specifically, Jeb now opposes any pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, putting him to the right of presidential hopeful Marco Rubio and Jeb's brother, former President George W. Bush.

Curiously, in the same tome, Jeb Bush talks about how Romney's self-deportation policy badly hurt the Republican presidential candidate in 2012. It's not clear how Bush's policy would separate him from Romney in any meaningful way. While Jeb's policy would allow illegal immigrants to be workers, though not citizens, the idea seems to be to make staying in America an unappealing option. Though, honestly, given the onerous path to citizenship Obama has proposed, an illegal immigrant under Jeb Bush would only be so much worse.

Jeb Bush is clearly thinking about making a bid to be the third Bush president. He refused to rule out a 2016 run, but added, "I'm not going to declare today either." The "today" in that sentence caught my eye, but 2016 is a long way off, and Bush has time to see how he plays in the public eye, and how strong the GOP field looks.

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