Jeb Bush on Immigration Reform: “Immigrants are More Fertile”

Jeb Bush throws the crowd for a loop when he mentions a connection between immigration reform and fertility.

Jeb Bush made a statement today at the Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington that baffled masses and led to some hilarious twitter responses.  Former governor of Florida, Jeb has long advocated revision of our immigration policy and often stands up for the significant impact US immigrants have on the economy.

And just what causes this impact on society?  According to Jeb Bush, immigrants are just more "fertile".

“Immigrants create far more businesses than native-born Americans,” he notes at the Conference.  “Immigrants are more fertile, and they love families, and they have more intact families, and they bring a younger population.  Immigrants create an engine of economic prosperity.”

While I definitely agree that our immigrant population certainly has some positive effects on our society (especially myself being a former Florida resident), I'm not quite convinced that  fertility is the cause of that benefit….

Here are a few responses from Twitter:

Many have pointed out that Job Bush has to work hard to reach Hispanic voters right now if he has any hope of entering the 2016 presidential race (which Mommy Bush disapproves of).  On a much more personal note, the Washington Post reminds us that Jeb’s maid, Maria Magdalena Romero, was swiftly deported in 1991 when two immigration agents appeared on the doorstep with deportation paperwork.  Jeb commented, “It was a difficult time of all of us, but most of all for Maria.”  Although she had a work permit to clean Bush’s home in the Miami suburbs, she was still in the country illegally and was promptly removed. 

Despite the obvious ploy to win Hispanic votes and boost him toward candidacy, he does seem to have some supporters…

“Everyone’s wanted to know my opinion.  Well here it is.  Jeb can speak two languages.  George can’t even speak one.  I endorse Jeb in 2016.” - @Water4Jeremiah, YouTube

… and for that I am very afraid.

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