Jeb Bush Receiving Bob Dole's Endorsement Is The End Of His Campaign

Jeb just cant seem to catch a break. Poor Jeb Bush indeed.

Poor Jeb Bush

That’s the first thought that pops into your head whenever you see the former Florida governor and current GOP presidential hopeful. Bush has become the sad sack of the crowded Republican field (and this is a group that includes Bobby Jindal).

He is frequently seen with a sympathetic eye as he struggles ever onward in his quest to be relevant to the increasingly picky interests of voters in 2015.  But, at the end of the day, Bush is simply the least interesting model in a line of politician that the public vehemently rejected during his brother’s disastrous second term. 

The hits just keep on coming for Bush, however, and the latest comes in the form of a lackluster endorsement from the perennial presidential loser Bob Dole.

Watch The Endorsement

It is sad to see the effects of age on a man who truly was once an extremely powerful political animal.  However, It is clear from the above video that Dole’s endorsement is not exactly a song of praise to Bush’s many achievements.

His reasons for choosing Bush are vague and he even goes on to say that he likes all of Bush’s competitors as well. One has to wonder if such a weak endorsement could truly impact a large number of Republican voters.


History Is Not Written By The Losers

Look, there is a reason that Al Gore and Mitt Romney aren’t being inundated with requests for endorsements from GOP candidates. It may sound harsh, but the fact is nobody wants to hear from the losers.

Objectively, Dole is one of those losers. What’s worse is that he was something of a meme himself during his runs for The White House. This makes the alignment of these two political pariahs all the more unhelpful for Bush.  

Ironically, Dole’s endorsement is a sign that Bush’s campaign is over rather than a catalyst for its future success.

Poor Jeb Bush indeed. 

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