Wake Up Jeb, The U.S. Is Already At War

In a not-so-subtle endorsement of his brother's war-mongering in Iraq, Jeb Bush pushed for greater efforts against the Islamic State terrorists.

jeb bush, War Against ISIS

No matter how hard Jeb Bush tries to distance himself from his brother George, when it comes to war, he can’t help but sound like him.

While criticizing the United States’ efforts in combating the Islamic State, the Republican presidential hopeful for 2016 urged President Barack Obama to adopt a more aggressive approach against terrorists.

“Are we fighting a war or is this a law enforcement exercise? Make it a war," Bush said during a campaign stop in South Carolina.

This was the second time in two weeks he pushed the Obama administration to declare war against ISIS in the wake of terror attacks in Paris. Last week, Bush called for sending U.S. troops on ground in the Middle East.

The U.S. led military intervention against ISIS was started over a year ago, so technically, the country is already engaged in an unofficial war with the extremists.

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Last October, a U.S. soldier was killed during a Kurdish and American commando raid on an ISIS prison in Iraq to free captives. It was the first time a U.S. military member was killed in combat since President Obama pulled out all his troops from the embattled region in 2011.

By calling for a full-fledged war in the Middle East without having a plan to deal with its consequences, Bush is essentially advocating the same mistake the U.S. made in 2003 that helped create the ISIS, i.e. the Iraq War.

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Instead of urging Americans to go to war, perhaps Bush should invest his energies in the rehabilitation of the refugees who are trying to escape the same enemy, irrespective of what religion they follow

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