Jeb Bush’s Campaign Manager Believes In Marriage Equality For Gay People

Jeb Bush's campaign team actually have an agenda friendly to the LGBT community.

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David Kochel is likely to run Jeb Bush’s official campaign as campaign manager for the 2016 Presidential bid. Kochel ran Mitt Romeny’s campaign, but had since notoriously attended pro-gay gatherings for Republicans and challenged the party to modernize its social stance on the issue.

In fact, there are several members of his campaign that hold a similar stance. Tim Miller is gay himself and works as a communications and research guru. Mike Murphy works as a consultant and was one among many who voted to overturn Prop 8 in California. Sally Bradshaw publicly supported her pro-gay preacher.

This in turn has actually gotten Jeb Bush a lot of support in the form of donations. Bush has effectively reached an untapped community of pro-gay conservative politicians, such as Tom Ridge, former Homeland Security secretary who actively supports gay-rights.


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This again seems like one of a few attempts by usually divisive and partisan politicians to bridge the gap. American politics, which is usually characterized by black and white thinking, could really benefit with diversifying their beliefs. And the fact that Bush has been able to get donors from this shows that being inclusive does not equate political suicide. It turns out not everyone falls into the strict category of red and blue, republican and democrat. People and issues are nuanced, and politicians need to recognize that.

Hiring gay members to your party won’t be enough. While we are glad to see progress, until a Republican presidential candidate can proudly say that he supports gay rights, a lot of work has yet to be done. 

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