Does He Deserve To Forever Rot In Jail For This?

This man has spent the best years of his life in prison and is still counting.

Jeff Mizanskey has spent 20 years of his life in prison. He’s neither a murderer nor a rapist.

How monstrous a crime could he have committed to warrant such a sentence as harsh as life imprisonment?  Why is Jeff Mikinsey going to die in prison?

Marijuana possession.

He was arrested in December of 1993, guilty for possession of five pounds of marijuana. It can be inferred that he was selling. Unfortunately, the Missouri drug laws are pretty unkind. Basically, once your marijuana felonies strike three, you’re thrown into the slammer without parole.

But it’s downright ludicrous considering the colossal shift in the attitude, not to mention, legislature towards marijuana. Several states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use and two states have made it lawful recreational use.

That’s exactly what his son Chris, who barely had father despite having one, is thinking. He has gone to prison to meet his imprisoned dad since he was 13. He’s 33 now.

Mizanskey's son and Missouri attorney Tony Nenninger are requesting Governor Jay Nixon to grant Jeff clemency and allow an amendment of his prison sentence.

This sentence has gained global momentum and people are shocked over its outdated roots.

Show-Me Cannabis, an organization that “seeks to engage Missourians in a serious, public discussion about the issues associated with the cannabis consumption” has put up a billboard in Kansas of Jeff Mizanskey reading “Life Without Parole for Cannabis?” adding “ It’s  time we fix our unjust marijuana laws”

The public outcry doesn’t end there. There’s a Facebook page that has garnered thousands of supporters and a petition on to amend this antiquated sentence.

Not only is this verdict anachronistic, it’s arguably not even a punishable crime any longer.

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