Jemima posts passport details on Twitter

Jemima Khan, the former wife of ace Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, recently joined the micro-blogging community that’s She started by posting a word-a-day – basically words and their meanings. Her sudden appearance caused a lot of people to question her authenticity – which she answered in a really ‘different’ way – by putting up a picture of her passport for all and sundry to view!

Jemima Khan, the former wife of cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, put out her passports details on Twitter recently in a desperate bid to prove that she is not a fake!
Jemima, currently working on a book on Pakistan and quite active on Twitter, got irked when two Pakistani women tweeted about her being an imposter.


She surprised the two women by replying to their tweets, and when they pondered about her genuineness, she scanned her passport and put it up on Twitter.
"In order to prove that she is the real McCoy she (Jemima) scanned her passport with all the details and put it up on Twitter! I mean I know she is a blonde and not particularly bright (she married Imran Khan after all) but who puts up their passport on a Twitter account which is public?" noted blogger Tazeen Javed wrote on her blog.
Javed was among those who had questioned whether Jemima was a fake.
"As if that was not enough drama, some desi men jumped in acting like knights in shining armour, advising Jemima to remove her passport details. She then put up another photo of her passport minus the details" wrote Javed, who was making fun of Jemima along with friends.

The tweets that followed at Jemima's expense made her angry and she decided to call Javed "twalker" (that's twitter stalker) and "tweak" (twitter freak).
Jemima has since found a saviour in Fatima Bhutto, the niece of slain former Pakistan premier Benazir Bhutto, who has been advising her on how to banish "dissidents like a despot".

"Can't work out why I am unable to re-tweet you? Any ideas?" Jemima tweeted to Bhutto for help.
Yet Javed had the last word. "If only Ms Goldsmith had actually spent some time in college in her younger days instead of playing house with an aging Lothario, she would have known that tweak is actually a proper word in English language," she wrote.


Jemima has been trying to make a dent in the tweet-world by posting a new word-a-day.
"Termagant, an overbearing, quarrelsome, shrewish woman; Pogonophilia, a love of beards; Logophilia, love of words," were among her recent tweets.



Source: NDTV