Jenny McCarthy’s Astounding Vaccine Comments Did Not Fare Well

Like her movies, Jenny McCarthy’s arguments in her article weren’t that well-received.

I’m not “anti-vaccine”.

These were Jenny MacCarthy’s opening words in her recent op-ed piece in the Chicago Sun-Times.

McCarthy’s attempt to distance herself from the anti-vaccination campaign has not gone well with her critics who claim that this is her attempt to ‘wipe the record clean’.

Over the course of time, she has come under a lot of fire for dissuading people from getting their children vaccinated even though she might never have said it straight.

In her article, she asked, “Should a child with the flu receive six vaccines in one doctor visit?

This is most definitely not the case. It is not the standard medical practice. As a Redditor aptly pointed out, “To McCarthy's point at the end of her op-ed about giving 6 vaccines while a child has the flu: doctors don't do that. Pediatricians will delay vaccination if a child has had a high fever in the previous 48 hours, so that if the child develops a fever, they will know whether it is the fever returning or an injection reaction.

Looks like McCarthy, who has always been in the news for her absurd and unscientific beliefs, is not going to get away with it so easily.

In her piece, she quoted her interview with Time’s Jeffrey Kluger to justify that she was not anti-vaxx. Well, Kluger got back at her in a scathing piece in which he quoted excerpts from the very same interview to demonstrate that her claims are rubbish.

Sorry Jenny, seemingly it will take not less than an honest ‘I messed up’ for you to get out of this mess.

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