Iconic Comedian Wants Syrian Refugees To Stay Where The Hell They Are

Jerry Lewis and Donald Trump seem to be on the same page as the legendary comedian says refugees aren’t part of the human condition.

Earlier this month, iconic American comedian, actor and singer Jerry Lewis appeared on the Catholic talk show The World Over and expressed some rather shocking views about Syrian refugees.

“Refugees should stay where the hell they are,” Lewis told host Raymond Arroyo, who responded with: “They say there’s a humanitarian crisis.”

“Hey, nobody has worked harder for the human condition than I have, but they’re not part of the human condition,” Lewis counter argued. “If 11 guys in that group of 10,000 are ISIS, how can I take the chance? I don’t want to lose another Frenchman or another Englishman. That bothers me.”

Moreover, Lewis also stated that President Obama lacked understanding the nature of the threat posed by the ISIS.

“What I’m watching in him is uncertainty. And you don’t have uncertainty in a leader,” the actor continued. “A leader doesn’t give a sh-t what he does, but he gets it done.”

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It did not come as a surprise when the legendary comedian expressed his views about the Donald Trump presidential campaign and called it “great.”

“He’s a showman, and we’ve never had a showman in the president’s chair,” Lewis opined.

“You had Ronald Reagan — he was a bit of a showman,” Arroyo said.

“That’s different. You can’t make a comparison with Ronald Reagan,” Lewis went on. “I can do three hours on him with just praise, he was so good.”

Whom Lewis supports in the race for president is a whole other discussion, but it is important for him to understand that just because 11 of 10,000 people are bad, does not mean he can generalize and label all refugees coming in to the United States out of sheer despair.

As educated and aware people, it is our responsibility to understand the plight of those around us and help them in whatever way possible — not block them out and leave them in a hellhole.

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