French Jews May Be Fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq

A French official claims a "handful" of Jews are also joining ISIS.

French Jews May Be Fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq

An unspecified number of Jews are converting to Islam to join the Islamic State militants fighting in Iraq and Syria, according to a French government representative.

The unnamed official who spoke to Israel’s Channel 2 cited figures compiled by the French Interior Ministry, explaining the trends show there are a handful people "of Jewish extraction," some of whom converted to Islam, among those who joined the jihadist group.

The damning revelation comes after a report by British tabloid claimed that a young Jewish girl – among 1, 000 French nationals – fled the country to join the terrorist organization.

“Despite ISIS repeatedly expressing a deep hatred of Jews, there was even a Jewish girl among the 100 girls and young women who have left France to support the organization in the last 18 months,” according to a French security official who spoke anonymously to Mail Online.

He didn’t reveal the girl's identity or age, though.

Meyer Habib, a Jewish member of the French parliament, said the suspected Jews joining ISIS "were the topic of conversation in France – which in addition to the largest Jewish diaspora in Europe, is also home to the continent's biggest Muslim community, which is estimated at around 5 million."

Habib added "it really is the end of the world" if a Jewish girl did join ISIS.

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As ISIS' dream of establishing an Islamic caliphate terrorizes the world, reports show that foreigners – almost 15,000 militants from at least 80 nations – are going in droves to join the militant group's fight in Syria.

Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have the largest amount of people going to join ISIS.

An infographic by the Washington Post shows that not only are people from Arab and African countries joining the militant group, but Americans and Europeans make up a large part of foreign fighters in Syria.

You can view the infographic here.

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