Jewish Woman Uses Intuition To Prevent Plane Crash

A prophet from God or just a really strong woman ?

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An orthodox, Jewish woman from Crown Heights, New York, is pretty much the reason yet another plane crash has been prevented.

About a week ago, Mussie Weinfeld was visiting Israel for the Passover holiday, and was at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv getting ready to embark on her flight home.

As she waited for the Transaero plane to take off, she heard a suspicious noise coming from the plane.

The noise didn't sit with her well, and she started to tell passengers sitting next to her of her discomfort.

Many of them laughed at her, telling her to relax-it was just the sound of the engines.

Still, the woman wasn't convinced. She decided to get up and tell the flight attendants, who were already buckled, that something wasn't right.

The flight attendants got agitated with the woman, telling her to sit down and go back to her seat-that the plane was fine, and everything had already been checked out.

Again, the woman was persistent, and finally one of the flight attendants informed the ground crew to check out the plane.

Turns out something might have been wrong, but it would be a quick, 45 minute check. However, after two hours, the passengers were asked to disembark the plane, as the repairs would take at least two hours to fix.

Then, after three hours, the passengers were told that a new plane would have to replace the one they were on, as the mechanical problems were so serious, the plane wouldn't be safe to fly just yet.

That's when the other passengers, who were at first not taking the woman seriously at all, went over and thanked her.

This is a lesson in always trusting your instincts-if not, something really bad could happen.

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