Joanna Yeates's Killer 'Still At Large', Police Warn


Police investigating the murder of Joanna Yeates have advised local women not to walk home alone after dark and warned householders to make sure their homes were secure.

Officers acknowledged there were ""concerns for safety"" among Bristol residents while the killer remains at large but emphasised they had received no ""specific intelligence"" to suggest there was any increased danger.

Avon and Somerset police denied the inquiry was back to square one after they released Yeates's landlord, Chris Jefferies, on bail two days after he was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Officers insisted progress was being made. They had received thousands of calls and messages from people with possible leads, and a source said they were waiting for the completion of forensic tests that could prove crucial.

Speaking outside Yeates's flat in Clifton, Bristol, Chief Superintendent Jon Stratford said extra police patrols were taking place.

""I can understand why the public have concerns for their safety. Whoever killed Jo remains at large,"" he said. ""However I want to reassure the public there remains no specific intelligence or information to suggest there is an increased threat to safety.