Job Schemes To Go As Coalition Shelves Projects Worth £10.5bn

The coalition government today froze or cancelled £10.5bn worth of projects announced in the dying days of the Labour government, suspending new libraries, hospitals, job schemes for young people and an £80m investment in the nuclear industry in Sheffield.The symbolic Labour policy of free swimming for children and pensioners was also scrapped outright. The government said it was forced into difficult cuts by the "irresponsible planning" of its predecessor, but Labour accused the Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition of being ideologically driven to reduce the size of government and its involvement in stimulating the economy.David Cameron, speaking from Brussels, said the biggest threat to jobs and economic recovery would be failure to deal with the deficit. "You can't put a blindfold over your eyes and pretend that the world is not like that, because it is," the prime minister said.Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the Treasury, announcing the review of 217 schemes si