He Did What?! Oregon's Governor Saves Woman's Life On His Way To Dinner.

Gov. John Kitzhaber breathes life back into an overdosing woman on his way to dinner.

Saving lives, running a state -- it's all in a day's work for Oregon's governor. 

Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) notched his second lifesaving feat as a politician after he performed CPR on a woman overdosing on heroin. Kitzhaber was an emergency room physician in his former career and apparently has never lost the impulse to spring into action.

Kitzhaber was on his way to dinner in Portland May 5 when he spotted the woman lying unconscious on the street, ordered his detail to pull over and administered CPR until paramedics arrived, according to KGW 8. The woman is expected to live.

The governor similarly proved his heroics during a 2010 debate when he aided a man having a seizure. 

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