America! How Would You Like John McAfee As Your President?

The lineup for the 2016 United States presidential election just got a bit more interesting.

As if the race for the 2016 U.S. presidential elections wasn't already filled with eccentric, controversial characters, anti-virus pioneer John McAfee has decided to throw his hat in the ring as well.

McAfee, who founded the McAfee Inc. in 1987, announced on Tuesday that he will run for president under his freshly formed Cyber Party.

The 69-year-old software developer had been hinting of his political aspirations on Twitter and so his announcement doesn't come as a total surprise. CNNMoney reports McAfee decided to compete for presidency after people around him encouraged him to do so.

The focus of his presidential campaign, he says, will be on privacy rights. Using his expertise as the former head of his company, he intends to solve the government's much publicized security and surveillance issues.

“We are losing privacy at an alarming rate – we have none left. We’ve given up so much for the illusion of security and our government is simply dysfunctional,” McAfee said.

The odds may be against him, but he is confident that his legion of fans on the Internet will propel him to an unlikely victory.

John McAfee

“I have a huge underground following on the Web,” he added. “I promise you I will win because I have the votes."

He further revealed that his campaign is official as he has submitted all the paperwork to the Federal Election Commission, although the agency hasn't confirmed his claim yet.

McAfee is of course one of the most controversial and unstable tech experts in the world. A few years ago, he was wanted in Belize for the murder of his neighbor and American expatriate Gregory Viant Faull. At one time, he faked a heart attack to escape arrest and he was also apprehended on charges of driving under the influence and with a firearm just last month.

Hence, no matter how confident he sounds, McAfee's campaign is nothing more than a publicity stunt or a way to keep himself busy.

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