John McCain: Young Americans View Edward Snowden As 'Some Kind Of Jason Bourne' (VIDEO)

Young Americans view Edward Snowden as "some kind of Jason Bourne," according to Sen. John McCain.

Edward Snowden, ex-CIA agent who leaked classified National Security Agency ‘snooping’ program documents, is viewed by young Americans as "some kind of Jason Bourne," according to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

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Senator McCain appeared on Fox News and referred to Matt Damon's portrayal of the fictional character in the Bourne movie trilogy, who becomes a fugitive, an “enemy” of a secretive U.S. government agency as he learns of its “unconstitutional” activity.

McCain said, “There is now a large percentage of Americans particularly young Americans who view Mr. Snowden as some kind of a whistle-blower when we know that he betrayed his oath of office. There’s a young generation that believe he’s some kind of Jason Bourne.”

He continued, “There’s a careful balance here between preserving our assets and capabilities and making sure the American people are convinced that their privacy is not being violated.”

Right now, as I mentioned, there’s kind of a generational change here. Young Americans do not trust this government. Without trust in government, you can’t do a lot of things,” McCain said.

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Edward Snowden has been compared to a lot of movie characters lately. While the whistleblower was stuck at Moscow Airport last month, many bloggers and journalists compared him to Tom Hanks from Steven Spielberg’s movie The Terminal.

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The National Security Agency leaker was finally granted asylum for one year in Russia this month.

So, do you think Snowden is anything like Jason Bourne from the Bourne movies? Do you agree or disagree with McCain’s statement? You can share your opinion in the comments section below.

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