John Stewart and David Letterman bash the Republicans

Last night, David Letterman and Jon Stewart in their respective shows put the spotlight on the strip clubbing Republicans who refuse to call themselves maverick and Tiger Woods and why is suddenly everyone interested in how he can swing it again?!Republicans have done themselves no favours by over indulging on the donor money account. McCain is getting a u-turn on whatever he stood for in a desperate attempt at re-election. Things are going from bad to worse for Tiger, whose wife seems to have abandoned him.

If you were unfortunate enough to vote for the Republicans and John McCain during the last elections then last night would have had your eyes pop out of their sockets and ears fall down to the ground. Wait – that’s only because you have missed out on all the fun.

Comedy stalwarts David Letterman and Jon Stewart seemed to have had an agenda against the Republican Party. Letterman was rubbing his hands in glee at the prospect of LA strip clubs playing host to party members spending money meant to help change the health care bill. While Stewart, got a scrapper to get his grey matter off the ceiling upon hearing that McCain was not a self-termed maverick.

Honestly, rubbing salt into wounds is what the two do best. That is why combined, they have two of the highest ranking shows on television.  Last night, they stuck the entire bag of salt in to the Republicans wounds. But the thing is, the Republican’s deserved every grain of it.

The hypocrisy of the Republicans was greatly exposed by these two gaffes. According to Stewart, John McCain who has probably sold his entire soul is probably buying stakes in the LA strip club business or the new health care.



The rest of those who had a piece of “hot action” at the Elephant, are going to be heading to the Blue Elephant, one that admits only the Republicans. The Blue Elephant will be Republican party’s flagship strip club, with young female servers wearing clothes – well just about anyway – and look like Ronald Regan. And if the Democrats are giving you a hard time because you do not want to be part of history, then one can always take a stimulating ride on the very high mechanical Dick Cheney.

Letterman however is reminiscent of Woody Harrelson’s barbeque. It reminds him of Obama celebrating by shooting hoops and then trying to score a three-pointer with baseball.

Tiger Woods, is the one hoping to get his ball game right for the Augusta Masters tour starting Thursday, and the chance for some redemption. No his wife is not going to forgive even if he gets the green jacket, and for a second it seems both Letterman and Stewart take pity on the cheating sportsman. In turn, Letterman and Stewart say “what more do you want of this guy” and “Media fair” with the Daily Show creating a montage of the media barrage over Tiger. Everyone wants to know how he swings it.

For Letterman and Stewart, it’s odd that they have to see in to the eye of the Tiger. Not that they will find a reflection of themselves in there along with a revelation, but they are actually searching for the man-soul who would go out on the green turf when away from home, alone on business. The lure is irresistible.

However here is the contrast, while Stewart accords Tiger’s attempts as genuine to get his career and life back on track, leaving the tom foolery to Jason Jones, Letterman goes “he got down to business and talked about one of his dates”.  That’s not all; Letterman was also quick to point out a few minutes later what Tiger now has to face – his residual effects, ripples, fallout and over spills.

Between the two, they managed to plug every hole and carved a new one, or two for the Republicans to breathe out of.

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