This Armed Man Who Threatened Muslims Online Isn’t A Protester

The so-called activist posted a video threatening to “confront” Muslims while brandishing a gun. Now the authorities can’t find him.

Jon Rizheimer is known as a “high-profile anti-Islam activist” who wants to prevent the “Islamization” of the United States. He previously gathered armed men outside a mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, to organize a “draw Muhammad” contest in June. Later in September, he even vowed to arrest lawmakers who endorsed the Iran deal.

But the latest video message posted on his Facebook page on Nov. 18 (and since deleted) proves the man is nothing but a gun-toting threat to the society.

In an expletive-ridden rant, Ritzheimer vows to go to New York to “confront” Muslims while slamming President Barack Obama and Syrian refugees. He also mentions The Islamic Post, a publication of the New York-based organization Muslims of America. The newspaper labeled Ritzheimer an “American Taliban” in an article written in June.

Ritzheimer says he’s “driving all the way across America all the way to New York to go see those a******* at The Islamic Post,” and will stop at “every mosque on the way, flip them off and tell them to get f******.”

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At the end of the video, he brandishes a gun  but it’s nothing new considering most of his tirades against Muslims feature weapons.

Up until the latest post, his threats were not taken seriously by the authorities. However, this time around, the FBI has issued an alert about Ritzheimer to the NYPD citing a “potential threat to law enforcement.”

The agency was tracing his cross-country movements and even communicated with him but lost all contact when he was in Scranton, Pennsylvania, last week.

Ritzheimer often uses the First Amendment as an excuse to hold demonstrations outside mosques. But he uses guns and hate speech to spread misinformation. That’s exactly why he shouldn’t be called a protester or an activist.

His actions and words are a legitimate security threat and he should be dealt with accordingly.

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