Jon Stewart Goes After Anti-Gay Advocates in "LGBTQ: S#@t Just Got Real" (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart skewered anti-gay advocates on his show the way only he can: with lots of hilarious names like "most-reluctant-to-finally-repeal-interracial-marriage-bans state Alabama" and "Slippery sodomy slope Scalia."

In his last show of 2012, Jon Stewart devoted his opening segment to gay marriage and the two cases the Supreme Court will take up soon, or, as Stewart put it: LGBTQ Watch: S#@t Just Got Real. Stewart gives anti-gay marriage advocates a deserved shellacking with lines like,

In fact, gay people are considered such a threat to marriage, in addition to a federal Defense of Marriage Act, many states have enacted constitutional amendments banning the practice, including our most populous state California, and our most reluctant-to-repeal-interracial-marriage-bans state, Alabama.

That's part I, below watch part II, where we get such gems as "Slippery Sodomy Slope Scalia."

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