Jon Stewart: It's Really The "Right To Work Around Unions" (Then He Raps)

Jon Stewart explained Michigan's new "Right to Work" law as "the right to work around unions," pointing out the blatantly political element of the controversial law.

Jon Stewart wants Michigan's new "Right to Work" law to at least have a more accurate name: "The Right to Work Around the Unions." The Daily Show host went after Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for disguising the motives behind the highly controversial and politicized law. And then he raps. I would try to explain how that ties in, but it would be faster for all of us if you just watch the clip.

Michigan is now the 20th state with a "Right to Work" law (it can't lose the quotation marks, because Stewart's term is probably more accurate). It's law is one of the most insidious, making it illegal for both public and private unions (police and firefighters excepted for entirely political reasons) to require membership dues and fees as a condition of employment. Because unions are one of the most powerful Democratic forces in the state, these laws hobble efforts that support the Democratic party, and will help maintain the Republican majority that allowed the law to pass in the first place.

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