Jon Stewart Apologizes To World For US Drone Strikes And Spying (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart on Thursday's "Daily Show" explained why everyone hates US currently.

United Nations has killed more civilians with drone strikes than any other country in the world. Also, with recent disclosures about NSA spying on not just Americans, but also on other nations like Germany and France, the world is obviously not pleased with the American Government.

In response to criticism the US has received from various countries, Jon Stewart said, “So you guys are all upset we’re spying on you and drone striking you and you’re really upset.

The Daily Show host further added: “But I just have one question: Have you met us? Meddling in your affairs for our national self-interest is kind of our thing.”

And then he offered a satirical apology.

 “Fine. Sorry…that you forgot we are kind of d*cks.”

Watch Stewart’s apology in the video above.

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