Flee Gaza? Jon Stewart Explains What Israel Can’t Seem To Understand

July 16, 2014: Thank you Jon Stewart for explaining how absurd Israel’s call for the evacuation of Gaza is.

Jon Stewart

As tensions continue to escalate in the Middle East, the Israeli army has warned about 100,000 Palestinians in the eastern Gaza Strip to leave their homes, according to latest news reports citing military sources.

While Israel may defend the evacuation as yet another defensive measure against the rocket attacks by terrorist organization Hamas, there seems to be one major problem with the whole scheme.

Where exactly the people from Gaza are supposed to go?

Fortunately, we have Jon Stewart to provide an answer to the pressing question.

International news agency AFP has reported its correspondents saw flyers dropped over the Zeitun neighborhood southeast of Gaza City, urging them to evacuate by 0500 GMT. Some residents also claimed receiving similar recorded phone and text messages.

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Almost a week into the conflict, death toll of Palestinians has increased to more than 200 and around 1530 people have reportedly been injured.

But apart from all the death and destruction, the Gaza Strip is also very much deprived of basic necessities like medical supplies, food, water, and electricity.

Therefore, evacuating their homes in such dire circumstances will only add to the agony of Palestinians, many of whom are either burying their infants in makeshift graves or finding dead bodies in the mountains of rubble in their neighborhoods.


Moreover, those Palestinians who have been ordered to leave their homes don’t really have any other place to go to from Gaza.

“Evacuate to where?” Jon Stewart asked during a segment on the Palestine-Israel conflict.

“Have you f*cking seen Gaza? Israel blocked this border. Egypt blocked this border. What, are they supposed to swim for it?”

Jon Stewart Knocks Israel For Palestinian... by NAIMAXIA

Despite the uncertainty of finding refuge elsewhere, thousands fled their homes in the Gaza Strip town on July 13 after Israel warned them to leave before it attacked rocket-launching sites.


Many are hoping to cross into Egypt after the Rafah border crossing to Gaza was opened last week to allow wounded Palestinians to receive medical care, and to allow foreign passports holders, including Egyptians, to leave the conflict-zone.


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