Haters Gonna Hate But When It Comes To Mandela, Jon Stewart Isn’t The One To Let It Go


Everybody has had their say on South Africa’s former President and apartheid hero Nelson Mandela’s passing.

Jon Stewart started off his "Daily Show" by highlighting some rather awkward reactions to the former South African president’s death, including those of Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz. While these people may have had sincere sentiments, their followers and supporters minced no words and came forth with racist reactions.

They ranged from, Newt, I was rooting for you to win the primaries and become the next president; please tell me your joking!! Mandela was a commie murderer!!’ to ‘Ted, I'm a supporter of your agenda, however you're on the wrong side of history on this one.’

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Though the reactions may be astounding, Stewart summed them up by stating the obvious, "Of course, that's why the Internet was invented," he said. "To say hateful things with greater efficiency, reach and freedom to keep people from finding out how truly disgusting you are in your home. 'I would never say those things, it was Dr. Awesomeballs69!'"

Stewart also took a jibe at Rick Santorum, who appeared on The O'Reilly Factor,  and compared apartheid to the Affordable Care Act.

"The systemic subjugation of a race of people is different than the establishment of subsidized insurance exchanges," said Stewart, before launching in to a Julie Andrews "Sound of Music" parody, "Obamacaaare is not apartheeeeeid!"

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