Jon Stewart Skewers Obama Administration Over Drone Strike Hypocrisy

Jon Stewart gave the Obama Administration a much-needed skewering over the drone strike program that Obama is just now reluctantly releasing the details of.

Jon Stewart  gave the Obama Administration a much-needed taking to  task on their hypocrisy over drone strikes. Or perhaps hypocrisy is the wrong word at this point. How about lying? After all, the Obama Administration first didn't acknolwedge their own drone strikes, then said they were only on known terrorists who represented an imminent threat, and now we are learning that the  team of Obama,  Eric Holder, William Brennan (whose senate confirmation hearing for CIA Director is today!) and others have decided that the Obama Administration can kill if you if they think you are bad, and apprehending you would be a dicey prospect.

But, then again, perhaps hypocrisy is an appropriate word here, because the Obama Administration was happy to publish the Bush torture memos. Or, to steal Stewart's finish: "We told you we were going to be transparent, we just didn't tell you it would be about the last guy's secrets."

Obama has a chance to be looked back on fondly by the historians who tell his story, but these drone strikes are legally dubious, morally worse than dubious, and pragmatically, may be killing Al Qaeda leaders while bolstering their recruitment efforts.




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