Jordan King To Personally Avenge Pilot's Muath al-Kasasbeh's Brutal Killing

King Abdullah II is incensed at ISIS for brutally burning his countryman alive.

King Abdullah II, The Supreme Commander of Jordanian Armed Forces

Update: Jordanian government's spokesman Mohammed al-Momani has since denied that King Abdullah has any intentions of taking part in military attacks on ISIS.

After terrorist organization ISIS burnt Jordan pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh alive and released its harrowing video on the Internet, Jordanian King Abdullah II announced that he will personally avenge the brutal killing.

The Jordanian king – who unlike most Middle Eastern monarchs – is a well-liked ruler in his land, used to be a major general in Jordan's Special Forces before ascending the throne in 1999. Like the rest of Jordan and whoever who saw the video, King Abdullah was incensed with the brutal and painful killing of al-Kasasbeh by ISIS militants. Hence, he has vowed to take part in the revenge mission against the barbaric killers.

“The Jordanian King Abdullah II will participate personally on Thursday in conducting air strikes against the shelters of the terrorist ISIL organization to revenge the execution of the Jordanian pilot Maath al-Kassasba by the ISIL,” local media outlets revealed

“The war against ISIL will not end and we will fight them in their shelters,” their sources quoted the king.

It is also being claimed that the Jordan Air Force carried out airstrikes on Wednesday, killing 55 ISIS terrorists, including a top commander known as the "Prince of Nineveh."

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