Jordan’s King Abdullah Has No Qualms About Pushing A Stranger’s Car Out Of The Snow- VIDEO


Jordan’s King Abdullah II was recently spotted among a group of men pushing a car stuck in a snow pile in the nation’s capital city of Amman. After the car is out of the jam and the driver able to go on, one sees the grinning king casually shrug and walk away.

Jordan was among the Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Syria, Israel and Lebanon, hit with the freak snowstorm Alexa, which began on the 11th of December.

In Jordan, airlines suspended their trips and many roads were blocked in the capital. Armed forces had to intervene to reopen the roads.

The directorate of general security has also advised citizens to remain indoors.

The eastern Mediterranean is suffering its worst winter storm in decades. Needless to say, it has caused chaos and left millions unable to cope with the extreme weather. But events like these, where a common man and a king are on the same side, put warmth in a person’s heart.

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