Josh Duggar Sued Arkansas DHS To Stop Child Molestation Case

The latest in a long string of cover-ups by the Duggar family.

Josh Duggar

The "19 Kids and Counting" star, Josh Duggar, who confessed to molesting underage girls as a teenager last week, reportedly sued the Arkansas Department of Human Services in 2007 to stop the investigation of him molesting five young girls, including two of his sisters.

According to InTouch, Springdale, Ark. police closed their investigation into the Duggar molestation case but referred it to Families in Need of Services agency who then brought the matter to the DHS. But nine months into the investigation, Duggar sued the agency which resulted in a trial in 2007.

While the results of the investigation are sealed, a source familiar with the case told InTouch that Duggar likely “appealed the DHS decision or finding from their investigation.” The anonymous source mentioned the DHS had authority to apply “restrictions or stipulations about him being at home with the victims.”

"Josh would be considered an in-home offender, giving DHS the authority to do an investigation,” the source told InTouch. “As part of your appeal rights you can request a DHS hearing to challenge what they found and their ruling.”

When contacted by InTouch, the Duggars and their lawyers had no comment. 

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