Judge Who Asked Rape Victim To 'Keep Her Knees Together' May Lose Job

A federal judge will have a public hearing to determine if he will keep his job, after asking a sexual assault victim why she couldn’t keep her legs together.

Calgary Courts Centre

Update: Justice Robin Camp, a judge employed with the Canadian Judicial Council, will face a public hearing in September after his insensitive comments regarding a sexual assault victim, according to Calgary Herald.

Camp plans on apologizing to the court during the trial for his crude statement and he intends to keep his job on the bench of the federal court in Canada. 

A Canadian federal judge is being investigated for his egregious, insensitive comments that blamed the alleged sexual assault victim for her rape, going as far as to ask her “why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?”

Former Calgary provincial court judge Robin Camp acquitted Calgary man Alexander Scott Wagar of sexual assault in September 2014, but the decision was overturned by the Alberta Court of Appeal last month after Camp’s awful remarks came to light.

During the trial, Camp asked the 19-year-old homeless woman, “Why didn’t you just sink your bottom down into the basin so he couldn’t penetrate you?” and “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?”

Camp outrageously assumed that since the rape survivor had asked her alleged attacker if he had a condom that inherently leads to the “inescapable conclusion (that) if you have one I’m happy to have sex with you.”

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Camp has apologized for his comments as his conduct and handling of the case is being reviewed by the Canadian Judicial Council.

 “I have come to recognize that things that I said and attitudes I displayed during the trial of this matter, and in my decision, caused deep and significant pain to many people,” Camp wrote in a statement to the court. “My sincere apology goes out, in the first place, to the young woman who was the complainant in the matter.

“I also apologize to the women who experience feelings of anger, frustration and despair at hearing of these events. I am deeply troubled that things that I said would hurt the innocent. In this regard, I am speaking particularly to those who hesitate to come forward to report abuse of any kind and who are reluctant to give evidence about abuse, sexual or otherwise.”

Camp has volunteered to enroll in gender sensitivity counseling and is barred from cases related to sexual conduct.

His vulgar statements during the trial’s proceedings acutely highlight how society treats rape survivors as “asking for it.” 

Yet this absurd notion deters sexual assault victims from speaking up believing they will be blamed, slut-shamed or that even authorities will assume the survivor wanted to get raped. 

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