Judge Bullies Domestic Abuse Victim Before Sending Her To Jail

A Seminole County, Florida judge berated and bullied a domestic violence victim before sending her to jail.

Seminole County, Florida judge showed no signs of sympathy to an emotional domestic violence victim, instead thinking it best to bully and berate her before sending her to jail.

The victim, the mother of a 1-year-old child, allegedly had been arrested for refusing a court order to appear at the trial of her abuser.

ABC News reports, “According to court documents, the victim was holding her child inside a Florida residence April 2 when the child's father allegedly choked her and grabbed a kitchen knife. He was arrested. In a statement, the State Attorney's Office said the man accused in the case had a prior domestic violence battery conviction.”

The victim explained that on the day of the trial, she had asked for the charges to be dropped. She did so because the last time he had went to jail, he lost his job and was unable to pay child support, which left her and her 1-year-old homeless since she was unable to keep up with the bills.

"Your honor, I'm very sorry for not attending the last one," she pleaded through tears. "I've been dealing with depression and just a lot personally since this happened. My anxiety is like, this is every day for me."

“You think you’re going to have anxiety now?” Collins interjects. “You haven’t even seen anxiety. We had a jury — six people there — ready to try [the abuser], who has a prior criminal history of domestic violence.”

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“I’m just not in a good place right now,” the victim added, sobbing.

“Violating your court order did not do anything for you,” the judge retorted. “I find you in contempt of court. I hereby sentence you to three days in the county jail.”

In the video, the victim can be heard wailing, “Judge, I’ll do anything… I have a 1-year-old son and I’m trying to take care of him by myself. I’m begging you, please, please don’t,” as she is being handcuffed.

Seminole County Judge Jerri Collins “refused to comment on her decision to lock the woman up, but did tell her that she is free to file an appeal,” according to Counter Current News.

"There's no — absolutely nothing that I could think of that would be the reason to re-victimize this person by putting her in jail, and so I don't understand where that thinking came from," Jeanne Gold, the CEO of SafeHouse, an organization that offers shelter to abuse victims, told ABC News. “She could be lying, broken in a ditch somewhere, and she would probably not call police because of what happened to her in this place.”

Watch the raw footage below:


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