Judge Rules Against Google Lawyer For Buying Building And Evicting Tenants

Superior Court judge ruled in tenants' favor after Google attorney Jack Halprin bought a San Francisco building and evicted the residents.

Google attorney Jack Halprin's decision to evict tenants from his newly purchased San Francisco building led to protests in the Mission District last year. 

As reported by Business Insider, the Ellis Act allows landowners to push tenants out so the buildings can "go out of business." 

According to Mission Local, a Superior Court Judge ruled that Halprin failed to cover relocation costs for a family he had planned to evict. This ruling allows the family to stay in their home for the time being. Halprin will either have to appeal the decision or begin the eviction process from the beginning.

Claudia Tirado, an active participant in the protests outisde the building, asked during a demonstration:

"Why doesn't he buy a regular house; why does he have to take seven units off the rental market?"

Court decisions for the other tenants are still pending. 

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