Judge Rules That It's A-OK To Open Carry In This Elementary School

So what if the teachers are uncomfortable and the parents terrified? So what if your gun goes off on accident, or falls into some untrained 2nd grader's hands?

So what if there’s a district ban? This Michigan judge sees no problem with you carrying your gun in full view of all the elementary school children.

Kenneth Herman, the gun-toting father of one Edgerton Elementary school student, was might peeved that he’d been barred from picking up his daughter, on more than one occasion, and all because he had a handgun on his belt.

Everyone knows you don’t start crying “but what about the children!” until someone starts bringing at least a tank to school. Anything else is just poor manners. 

We get that it’s upsetting for any parent to be turned away from their own child, but there was an easy fix in Herman’s case. Just don’t carry a gun, dude. Don’t flagrantly disregard the school district’s ruling that its properties are not the place for exercising your second amendment rights.

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But Herman decided he’d rather take the case to court. And unfortunately for the rest of us, he and Genesee Circuit Judge Archie Hayman saw eye-to-eye on the matter.

Judge Hayman rejected the school district’s claim that state law allowed it to enact policies in protection of its students. If the state of Michigan allowed Open Carry, then that extended to all those public places where your kiddies like to frolic.

Judge's ruling allows open carry of guns in elementary school

Now, we’re not saying that allowing open carry on an elementary school campus will necessarily lead to more violence (though it’s unlikely to prevent such either). But there’s the element of intimidation, of unease, that the sight of a gun can cause. And neither children nor their parents should be forced to endure that. 

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