Judge Sends Kids To Juvenile Center For Refusing To See Abusive Dad

Judges may be trained in the law, and experienced with it, but that doesn't mean they always know what is just. In this case, the judge's reaction has been unreasonable, unwarranted, and downright cruel.

After their parents' contentious divorce, Judge Lisa Gorcyca ordered Maya Tsimhoni's three children to stay in regular touch with their father. She wanted them to maintain “a healthy relationship” with him, seemingly unable to understand that nothing “healthy” can exist under duress. Just because these kids are 14, 10, and 9 years old respectively does not mean they do not have a right to choose, to dissent, and to determine what is within their comfort zones. Within reason and law, of course.

The Tsimhoni kids were sent to a juvenile detention center for refusing a judge who ordered them to have lunch with their dad. Now Taryn Asher reports they're separated from their mom and each other.

Posted by FOX 2 Detroit on  Tuesday, 7 July 2015

But Judge Gorcyca insisted that the three children go to lunch with their father. When all three refused—something which should have tipped her off to some underlying reason worth considering—Gorcyca responded with unreasonable force and punitiveness: she sent them all to Children's Village's Juvenile Hall, where they are to remain until they turn 18.

Because what better way to foster healthy relationships between children and parents than to tear them apart, and put the former in detention, where they can learn to be delinquent by being treated as such?

Tsimhoni's son tried to reason with the judge, stating that the father is abusive:

“He is violent and I saw him hit my mom.”

But Gorcyca remained stunningly unmoved. She went as far as to compare the kids to “Charles Manson and his cult,” which is as unfair a likeness as one can muster. It seems that Judge Gorcyca is incapable of a measured, compassionate response.

Tsimhoni, stripped of the children who clearly love and trust her, is protesting:

"No matter how bad the divorce gets, I think the court should not punish the kids for that."

She is now fighting to get her children back from the Children's Village. They have already been separated for two weeks, and Tsimhoni has been barred from seeing them.

"Justice" does not get more senseless or cruel than this.

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