Judith Hill Reveals Michael Jacksons This Is It Secrets

"Michael Jacksons This Is It concert film opens worldwide in IMAX and conventional theaters in just five days, and one woman who was there for every moment of the movie is revealing new secrets to our own Kevin Frazier. Watch the video as singer/musician Judith Hill deconstructs certain moments from the movie and what was happening behind the scenes with Michael. ""All of us were just focused on him, were just ready because at any time he could cue us to do something that he wants us to do,"" explains Judith. ""Constantly he was creating and constantly he was giving us direction."" As a backup singer on Michaels ill fated This Is It tour, Judith shared the stage with the late King of Pop during his last months alive -- actually living the moments the rest of us can only watch on the big screen. She shares a duet with him in the film. At his public memorial in Los Angeles, Judith stunned the world with her rendition of ""Heal the World,"" and days later sang on the ET stage.